McLeans Island Golf Club Course Information

Select the Hole number below map to read a description of each of our fantastic holes and some of the challenges they pose.

Fairway Markers (all distances to front of green) Blue: 180m,  White: 135m,  Red: 90m

 Hole: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18



Hole 1 - Par 4 

Blue Tee: 335m (Stroke 13)

White Tee: 331m (Stroke 13)

Yellow Tee: 303m (Stroke 9)

A straight par 4 with a challenge either side of the fairway; two fairway bunkers at driver distance on the right hand side, and a long wall of trees on the left.  Bunkers at the front/left and front/right of the wide 2-tiered green will pose a challenge to any second shot hit short of the green.

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Hole 2 - Par 3

Blue Tee: 155m (Stroke 15)

White Tee: 131m (Stroke 15)

Yellow Tee: 130m (Stroke 17)

 Ensure that you hit a solid iron shot to the middle of this sloping green, as the deep rough front/left and large bunker front/right can be daunting shots regardless of where the hole is cut.  A pin placement at the front of the green can be tricky as the putting surface speeds up during summer. 

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Hole 3 - Par 5

Blue Tee: 465m (Stroke 9)

White tee: 445m (Stroke 9)

Yellow Tee: 428m (Stroke 5)

Hit a driver at your own risk.  A nice draw will put you in good stead.  A slice.....and you may as well grab another ball from the bag, as the fenceline down the right is out of bounds.  It may also pay to lay up short of the fairway bunker on the left, as it is a long and tough bunker shot to get to the green in regulation.

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Hole 4 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 390m (Stroke 1)

White Tee: 350m (Stroke 1)

Yellow Tee: 334m (Stroke 3)

Rated the hardest hole from the mens tees, this long par 4 has a tricky fairway bunker at driver distance on the left.  A slight fade off the tea is essential for the longer hitters to take the front/right greenside bunker out of play.  Hitting to the back of this green will give you a tough downhill putt back to the hole.

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Hole 5 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 360m (Stroke 5)

White Tee: 339m (Stroke 5)

Yellow Tee: 301m (Stroke 11)

 This hole is reasonably wide by McLeans Island standards, so let it rip!!  If you can reach the rise in the fairway, you've hit a biggie. Second shot requires a long to mid iron into a big circular green.  No bunkers to contend with on this hole so even if you miss the green, there is still a good chance to make a nice par.

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Hole 6 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 307m (Stroke 17)

White Tee: 301m (Stroke 17)

Yellow Tee: 302m (Stroke 13)

 One of the shorter par 4s on the course so a good straight drive will leave you an easy short iron to the green.  However, be aware of the trees to the right of the fairway, as getting caught in behind will require a safety shot or (less likely) a miracle shot to make a good score here.

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Hole 7 - Par 3

Blue Tee: 187m (Stroke 11)

White Tee: 165m (Stroke 11)

Yellow Tee: 151m (Stroke 15)

The longest par 3 on the course.  Your best strategy is to play to the centre of the green, as the front/left greenside bunker can be pretty tricky regardless of pin placement.

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Hole 8 - Par 5

Blue Tee: 502m (Stroke 3)

White Tee: 447m (Stroke 3)

Yellow Tee: 419m (Stroke 1)

Although this par 5 is dead straight from tee to green, out of bounds runs down the right hand side of the entire hole. This, along with its length, makes it the hardest rated par 5 on the course.  A nice straight drive is essential to parring this hole as it takes 3 good shots to get to the green.

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Hole 9 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 369m (Stroke 7)

White Tee: 334m (Stroke 7)

Yellow Tee: 311m (Stroke 7)

The final hole on the front 9 can be trickier than it looks.  Any shot sliced to the right will be swallowed up by the out of bounds fenceline.  Any shot pulled to the left poses a tough second into the green, as trees block a direct shot.  A deep bunker on the front/right of the putting surface and a shallower bunker front/left leave a very tight channel into this green.

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Hole 10 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 317m (Stroke 14)

White Tee: 315m (Stroke 14)

Yellow Tee: 301m (Stroke 14)

One of the shorter par 4s on the course.  Shots drifting to the left should still be accessible to the green.  You will have to contend with playing over or through trees if your drive drifts to the right.  A big wide green slopes down to the front, so leaving your approach shot below the pin is preferable, especially during the summer months when the greens are quick.

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Hole 11 - Par 3

Blue Tee: 130m (Stroke 16)

White tee: 124m (Stroke 16)

Yellow Tee: 126m (Stroke 18)

On a windy day, club selection can be very important on this hole.  A nor-wester makes this hole reachable with wedge, and a strong easterly requires a solid mid iron.   A big circular green means a good straight shot makes birdie on this hole very achievable.

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Hole 12 - Par 5

Blue Tee: 490m (Stroke 10)

White Tee: 445m (Stroke 10)

Yellow Tee: 397m (Stroke 8)

Longer hitters may reach the bend of this dogleg par 5.  However, most golfers will have to hit over the corner to make the approach to the green easier.  Try to avoid hitting left off the tee.  Two bunkers on the front/left and front/right of this green are probably easier to play out of than any recovery shot over the back of the green, so whatever you do, don't hit your approach shot long.

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Hole 13 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 386m (Stroke 4)

White Tee: 340m (Stroke 4)

Yellow Tee: 327m (stroke 4)

Golfers with a natural slice will enjoy this hole, as it fades around to the right.  Others may want to take a punt and hit over the corner with a high draw for extra distance.  From there the approach to the wide 2-tiered green is very important as putting from the wrong level can be very difficult due to its quick slopes

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Hole 14 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 404m (Stroke 2)

White Tee: 350m (Stroke 2)

Yellow Tee: 337m (Stroke 2)

This long par 4 is the hardest hole on the back 9.  The fairway narrows down to a very tight bend.  The obsruction of one of the cabbage trees which the course was built around, can be more of a mental obstacle than a physical one.  However it has been known to swallow some mishit drives.  Take caution when playing into this green as the hidden bunker at the back right of the green can be a tricky sand shot.

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Hole 15 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 376m (Stroke 6)

White Tee: 346m (Stroke 6)

Yellow Tee: 307m (Stroke 6)

A good straight drive is crucial to make a good score on this hole.  Sliced drives will have to contend with playing over the treeline from the 14th fairway,  while hooked or pulled drives will have a longer shot whilst having to negotiate around one of our huge pine trees.  A big circular green is protected by a bunker at the front/left, which requires a solid shot to get out of it.

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Hole 16 - Par 4

Blue Tee: 361m (Stroke 8)

White Tee: 326m (Stroke 8)

Yellow Tee: 298m (Stroke 10)

A challenging par 4 depending on pin placement.  If you can avoid the pine trees either side of the fairway, it opens up to give you confidence to hit your approach shot to anywhere on the green.  However, this 2-tiered green is short from front to back, so make sure you have the right club in your hand.  Pins placed down to the left are protected by a shallow bunker at front/left.

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Hole 17 - Par 3

Blue Tee: 153m (Stroke 12)

White Tee: 142m (Stroke 18)

Yellow Tee: 131m (Stroke 16)

This slightly elevated green can make club selection very tricky for this par 3.  Ensure that you hit your club solidly as you really want to be on the putting surface to par this hole.  A sand shot from the front/left bunker will have to be pinpoint accurate to stay on the green, as will a pitch from the deep swale at the front/right.

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Hole 18 - Par 5

Blue Tee: 462m (Stroke 18)

White Tee: 440m (Stroke 18)

Yellow Tee: 409m (Stroke 12)

The final hole on the course is dead straight from tee to green.  It is a very real birdie chance for anyone who hits a solid drive and second shot.  A little skill may be required to hit around the second of our signature cabbage trees positioned on the right hand side of the fairway.  Beware of the fairway bunker when hitting your second shot as it is far away enough from the green to be a nuisance.  Once you are on the green, the putt should be very straight forward.


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